Demolition & Dismantling

Richard Hunt & Sons Group offers all kinds of demolition from strip outs right up to explosives. Richard Hunt Group has accumulated vast experience & expertise within the demolition industry over the last 35 years.

We pride ourselves in fulfilling every requirement through our directly employed, fully trained and dedicated workforce, and using specialist equipment designed for the particular task.

We regularly carry out work for professional bodies, developers, builders, private sector enterprises and offer no obligation site visits to discuss your requirements, along with a fixed priced quotation.

Richard Hunt & Sons Demolition is committed to the highest level of site safety, which inherently provides a good working environment. As a company we will continue to innovate, where possible using mechanical systems over high risk manual labour intensive operations.

We want to maintain a reputation of being safe, environmentally friendly and providing a future for our employees.

With our own scrap metal recycling centre and waste Management company we can ensure that not only waste will be removed but will be 95% Recycled creating a better environment for us all.